Ideas for a wedding speech?

Question by smohiuddin: Ideas for a wedding speech?
I have to write a speech for my cousin’s wedding. I want it to be atleast half-page long? Any ideas? I have 2 sentences so far? All help is appreciated.

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Answer by Mat
Make up some story about how GLAD you and other guys are that he’s getting married because that will finally stop your cousin from hitting on your girlfriends/ wives. Make a joke of it.

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  1. Obviously you know him well or would not have been asked to write it. Tell a funny story about his immature, peculiar, over-achieving, under-achieving, etc. behavior as a child. Then say how you knew he’d outgrow it. Then ask his new wife to please call us all when he does. Start doting on her and how amazing she is and how she can’t understand how he ended up with her. Finish with something heartfelt and sincere about him (a particluar quality), say that he is blessed that she saw through all the rest and saw that in him. Finish up with how love is amazing and brought them together.

    OR Just talk about how they met and how jealous you are. lol

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