Ideas for a hilarious speech at a friends wedding?!?

Question by ClareBear: Ideas for a hilarious speech at a friends wedding?!?
My best friend is getting married, and she asked me to be the maid of honor. I want my speech to be funny. I have a few ideas, but I would like some more input. Does anyone have ideas on how I can make the speech funny!
hahaha funny!!

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Answer by mommymich
I heard this on TV the other day from the best man when he was making his speech.

“I’ve heard that my speech shouldn’t be longer than the grooms ability to make love…. Enjoy your dinner!”

**EDIT: Hey I was just giving the girl what she asked for. No unsolicited advice needed. She wanted something funny, so I told her something funny.

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  1. No, no, no! The wedding toast should be sincere and heart felt. Leave the stupid “ha ha’s” out of it. If you really think you have to say something funny – one ha ha is plenty. I hate it when people ruin the toasts by trying to be stand up comics, especially when they’re not!! Don’t tease the couple, don’t hurt the bride’s feelings. Your toast should be beautiful, loving, and short!

  2. I think natural speeches are the best. Usually if you TRY hard to make people laugh they can tell and it can get awkward.

    Maybe tell an odd story, it might even be funny but don’t be determined to get laughs incase it ends up embarassing. Try and have a conversational style even though you don’t expect response and just relax it will be appreciated.

  3. The best speeches are heartfelt and very short. “Funny” may become embarrassing, which, I would assume you don’t want.

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